Monday, June 4, 2007

synopsys of a movie- spiderman 3

3 weekends back i watched this one...well i had to..coz it was long due and also that i had liked the earlier 2 versions...and its any-way a cozy feeling sitting in a theatre with your loved one(s)....well, my good friends that is...rajesh, deep, brij and abhishek.....:)i decided not to buy any cold drinks (i avoid them generally) and snack....given the health-crisis i want to avoid in lieu of my already skewed and messed-up lifestyle...well, this is one of the bizzare decisions i often take.....dont be moved unnecessarily, for i gulped galons of them only after the chintu-candy adds., the show started...the familiar peter-parker and his mistress MJ adorned the screen and amused me....i was watching in anticipation as to how the screenplay would unfold...then the villains started to pour-in.....the theme this time round was about the evil-within...peter was hit on his bad notes by some extra-terrestrial being and started to loose his own....he although gathered himself in was how one is very productive and was also some bollywood masala... can make the right decision even in most trying of was about how one had a choice always....about fighting the lesser being within....this line of thinking killing one of the gous in volved in a love-triangle..or rather his sacrifice...good that these guys are finally learning from us..:)..but then it felt like it was being overdone at the end of it all...the villains were far too many for a decent script...the action sequence was decent and the high levels of decibel even threw my heart pounding on a couple of the intermission, i went to have a fruit-bowl...and returned after a good length of time to be dismayed to see the ads still being run...these guys have now figured out the tv it in the middle of the innings(program)..everybody will have to watch...earlier, the gatekeeper had stopped me to inspect my contained all the real-juices of the world and other eatables whcih we had gathered for the week ahead...he seemed to be a bihari and sensed the good-boy in me :) and allowed me to carry them inside on the condition that i would not eat them inside...."hamari class laga denge agar dekh liya aapko khate hue"....he exclaimed..and i said "koi ni yar...nahin khayenge.." was so heartening to see trust and friendliness in a fellow-being ..hehe... :)....and ya..about the finally got over and we got back home..without rallying for long on the roads...

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