Monday, February 6, 2012

Cricket Endures

Mock at me, take the cheap jibe, question my capability to cultivate fine interests or call me a Cricket tragic or whatever, but I will write more on Cricket now and will write still more in days and years to come. Ever heard of the stock ball you mean hearted Cricket basher? How would you? I will still forgive you and explain to you what it is. A bowler can have thousand variations in his repertoire with which he can baffle the best of the batsmen. And batsmen will abhorr the idea of facing him. He would bowl those for the best part of his career and days of the year. But, but and but, that will not make him an all time great. He has to have the stock ball. The best of the practitioners in bowling will have off days or rather they will have more average days than brilliant days. But there is something which sets them apart from the rest. Among others, it is the stock ball. Wake them in the middle of the night and they can bowl that stock ball then, half-asleep. It is that guarantee they bring with their name in the sheet. And that is the difference. In their off days, they will make comebacks. They will stop bowling any variations, bide their time and bowl their stock ball. The ball which they have natural control on and which keeps them in stead in those difficult days. They will survive by virtue of the stock ball and almost inspite of the variations. That is there is to them. Longevity and survival, a change of gears and something which comes too natural to them. Crciket is like the stock ball to us diehard fans. I might be too bored to write, too lazy to write, too dull to wrte, too out of ideas to write and too busy to write. But for other disciplines and subjects and issues. If I love my piece of writing, I will write on things Cricket. That will keep the proverbial ink flowing. The other variations will fill in sporadically. But Cricket will endure.

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