Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Hritik Roshan in Agneepath

I watched the new age Agneepath starring Hritik and Priyanka Chopra. It was definitely not a waste of time. The cinematography was good as one of my colleagues had pointed out earlier, like the grey and sombre backdrop abound whenever Kaancha was on screen. The poem was rendered with just enough tempo and passion to sound stimulating than loud. And there were a few songs thrown in as well including the guest appearance by Katrina. But then let us talk about performances. Hritik as we all know suits the role of the quintessential suave professional or a metro man effortlessly. But here he had to deliver in a different avatar. His makeover was just fine and the body aesthetics and muscle in the climax scene was just ok. But the point is that when I returned, the first question I was asked was, "Hritik ne overacting kari hogi na". And my answer was "well, no". I thought he did overact in a few flicks like Mein Prem Ki and stuff but I did not feel that way in Agneepath. He is no Amitabh Bachchan in dialogue delivery agreed but he did not sound bad either. I have always thought the one thing that fails him is his dialogue delivery in various portrayals apart from the suave ones like in ZNMD. But he looked well in Agneepath. His expression and eye intensity was fine and he delivered in a measured tone. There were moments when I thought Ajay would have done a better job but then comparisons are hindsight science and are not holistic anyway. When he delivered the poem in the climax scene, he did not sound over the top at all and I thought he had improved. Priyanka did a character which she should be at ease portraying, bubly and all..Sanjay Dutt was fine and looked like a villain but I thought Danny's dialogue punches were better. Rest all the crew fared good. All in all, it was just fine.

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